a not-so-feeble attempt at recreating joy



One of the things I think about a lot is how I can do my best to recreate the joy I felt while I was backpacking last year. This time last year, your girl was out there absolutely thriving in the Balkans. (Specifically in Bar, Montenegro, at The Grove, on this day.) I was staring out into lush green forests, jewel blue seas, and some of the most majestic mountains I’ve seen. More importantly, I was finally doing what I had dreamed of doing at 18 – visiting a region I’d only read about in history books, but was deeply fascinated by.

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field notes from budapest: the travel date review literally no one asked for


When I came back the next morning, Chris, an ex-Loft Hostel staff and old friend of the establishment, cornered me at the dining area. I was about to make a lunch of roasted summer vegetables.

“So, Emilie tells me you went out on a date last night. Was that why you weren’t back till an hour ago?”

I laughed. Busted.

“Just so long as you know its temporary. Easy. No complications.”

Exactly. Just two ships passing in the night.

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The Tatras Part I, ft. Isolation Thoughts from a Graduating Law Student

Today, I submitted the final paper of my law school career. A 76-pager about investment facilitation implementation methods, for a South American country, to hopefully be used in some form for negotiation preparations at the WTO. The pomp from this sentence aside, what it also means is that I have graduated from law school.

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Warsaw/New York City

The banks of the Vistula are overflowing with the weekend crowd. Mostly college students and young working professionals, New York City tells me. The wooden boardwalk is dotted with lights, deckchairs, and the occasional picnic blanket. The river itself, however, is a murky slab of blue-grey. We eventually manage to find two stray seats. With a six-pack of beer between us, we settle in and watch the sky from blue, to yellow, to orange, and to a darker shade of blue.

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